Fans have claimed Art's talent is "turning a single note into a symphony" and he credits this talent to growing up listening to his mother sing in over 40 concerts with the Seattle Symphony Choral in the 60's and 70's. 

     After a decade and a half of music studies and playing in professional Rhythm & Blues bands as a Chicago-style harmonica player, Art teamed up with Windham Hill/Heart Dance Records pianist Scott Cossu.  From performing arts centers to event concert stages, Scott and Art's friendship led them to tour the Western states for over 200 shows in 20 years. 

     In 2015 Art joined Heart Dance Records with his debut release, "The Recognition".  Nominated for "Best New Artist of the Year" award by Zone Music Reporter in 2018, this soothing harmonica album was recorded and produced by John Herrera at Clamsville Studios and has sustained on international airplay charts, including NPR's "Echoes" program.   

     Currently Art has released his latest acoustic album, "The Unknown" on Heart Dance Records which has hit the New Age music charts including New Age Notes and One World Music Radio from the UK.  This nine song collection of calming, down-tempo World Folk instrumentals features Art on harmonica and guitar, and the flowing poly-rhythms of Beth Beck on hand drum.  Recorded and produced by John Herrera at Clamsville Studios May 10th & 11th, 2021. 

     Art continues to write new music and perform live in Northern Arizona, including as regulars for the Verde Holistic Health Events in Sedona.  

   "Art's harmonica sings straight from the heart"  ~  Lee Oskar