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The Recognition is easily one of the most uniquely intriguing albums I’ve heard recently, boasting beautifully surreal soundscapes full of warmth, depth and mystery. Like an aesthetically alluring contrast of sorts, its compelling fusion of harmonica – an instrument that brings to mind the more arid regions of the mid and southwestern United States – in tandem with the dreamily liquid ambience throughout, felt perpetually evocative of a tranquil oasis in the dry desert. An outstanding work in its entirety, The Recognition will surely appeal to a wide range of listeners, although particularly those with a taste for gently understated though melodic ambient music!

It takes patience and art to make music. The man with the name that combines those two elements, Art Patience, used that formula to create his own unique blend of instrumental music. He accomplishes using the least likely instrument for this style of music.

The Recognition by Art Patience is ambience at its very best; he has 

incorporated a new age sound, retained a little blues ethic, and managed to 

cross genres with consummate ease, and it has to be said, in great style. 

Patience has brought his instrument of choice into the lime light, and whatever 

you thought you knew about the harmonica, you can throw it away and listen 

and learn all over again. Art Patience doesn’t break new ground on this 

release; he actually invents it, a quality album that has to be a must for every 

good music lover.

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